CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Herbs To Treat Chronic Fatigue SyndromeHerbs are useful for treating viral infections and immune suppression in chronic fatigue syndrome patients. Antiviral herbs combined with herbs that stimulate the ..... Some people often complain of tiredness and dizziness. Most of these patients, present with constant and disabling fatigue show no abnormalities on physical examination or screening laboratory tests. This tiredness does not go on for months and the affected person does not feel better even after a period of rest. These substantial periods of fatigue are defined as the chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a disorder, which is common in every age group especially in the middle aged persons. CFS is the short form of the chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is a disabling disease, in which the person feels so tired that he cannot even do his routine work such as dressing up and bathing.Symptoms of CFS : The name of this disease itself suggests, this illness is accompanied by fatigue. The fatigue is long lasting and severe. As it is said the fatigue does not improve by bed rest. It can be worsened by the physical activity or mental stress. Both the activity level and stamina gets a lot lower. Apart from fatigue there are some secondary symptoms of CFS. The person affected with CFS feel difficulties with memory and concentration, persistent muscle pain, joint pain and headaches. A number of sleep related problems are also common such as insomnia. The people with CFS are also more prone to the viral diseases like cold and flu. Unfortunately, there is no lab test available to diagnose CFS, so it cannot be surely said that you are suffering from CFS, even if you are showing the symptoms. The symptoms of CFS are also similar to some other stress related diseases.Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : The cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome remains a mystery. It is also very difficult to treat CFS, very few patient fully recover from this incapacitating disease. The recovery can also take much time. There are many drugs and painkillers such as paracetamol are prescribed by the doctors to treat various symptoms of CFS. A balanced diet and some diet supplements are also very necessary. A light exercise can help to increase the stamina and relieve the stress and fatigue. But do not get too much exercise because, it can make the symptoms worse.An Herbal Solution To Chronic Fatigue SyndromeChronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is intensive fatigue which lasts for more than six months and results in 50% .....

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